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Photo of the Tiller of the Soil owner as he tills the soil with a spadeTiller of the Soil

North Carolina Landscape Contractor # 1756 (October, 2009)

Certified Plant Professional in the State of North Carolina (August, 2011)

Licensed Ornamental and Turf Commercial Ground Applicator






Thank you for visiting the web site of Tiller of the Soil, a North Carolina licensed landscape contractor, #1756. In addition, the Tiller has successfully completed the training and the examination necessary to qualify as a Certified Plant Professional in the state of North Carolina and as a licensed Ornamental and Turf Commercial Ground Applicator.

Tiller of the Soil is a landscaping and light hauling service company based in Western North Carolina. However, we will gladly assess and work on a project regardless of the location, national or international.


What we do

With twelve years experience in landscaping service and two years of study, the owner of the company, Israel Egandu, specializes in various landscaping projects to include creating rock retaining walls, Italian stone or mountain rock terraces, rain catchers and arbors. Besides creating waterfalls where none have been before, Israel and his team have also cleaned up and repaired natural streams and falls where storms have damaged. The Tillers have built sturdy fences for horse pastures and white picket fences for the Victorian home.

Tiller of the Soil consistently evaluates the horticulture products purchased and will travel as needed to obtain the best planting material for your landscape and climate. In the Western North Carolina mountains, there are certain plants conducive to our weather and may not survive at a coastal region. However, as a certified landscape contractor and a Certified Plant Professional, Israel has the knowledge and experience to advise all customers on what will work and not work in every type garden. Please see our "Plants" page for other information about native mountain plants.

Tiller of the Soil now offers the following services:

(1) Mobile Irrigation. This type of irrigation is a more economical way to supply water directly to your plants and lawn if you are thinking about installing underground irrigation. In addition, during drought season, your plants and lawn will get the water they need at the right time.

(2) Liquid Fertilization. Plants and lawns need more than just water for their survival. The Tillers provide liquid fertilization which is easily absorbed in their system.

(3) Hydroseeding. An excellent way of applying grass seed, especially on banks where erosion is a big problem, is through hydroseeding.

Bringing new life to your outdoor living space is a priority of the Tillers. Realizing that your taste might be that of traditional English forms or contemporary designs, the Tillers make every effort to satisfy customers. We hope you enjoy perusing through our web pages and will gladly visit your home or business to provide you with a free estimate.

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If you are having difficulty reading our site due to macular degeneration or other eye diseases, please notify us and we'll be happy to print our pages in extra-large print and E-mail to you or drop in the United States post office box.